Uniform Sizing Event


We will hold a uniform sizing event here at Gish. For this sizing event staff from R.J McCarthy will be available to answer questions and assist with fittings.  Parents are encouraged to be sure they are registered online prior to attending the sizing event. This will save time on the day of the fitting.  Once registered all that will be needed by McCarthy staff is the customer’s home phone number to bring up their account and assist with placing orders.


We are looking for 3 parent volunteers to assist with the event.  McCarthy is offering a $15.00 gift certificate per hour worked for each of the volunteers. Volunteers will be trained by McCarthy staff prior to the sizing event, if you are interested please email Mrs. Hunter at carolyn.hunter@spschools.org



Date:                  Thursday, June 13, 2013

Location:  E.S. Gish school

Time:         10:00 – 2:00   (Kindergarten and New families)

                  2:30 – 7:00      (all families)


We encourage parents to visit the website before attending.



 Uniform Specification For Grades K to 6

The formal uniform is worn on the first school day of every week, for school events, for fieldtrips, and as otherwise identified by the school. Remaining days of the school week are considered casual days. Students are expected to wear all of the formal uniform items, including:



  • white short or long sleeved dress shirt (tucked in)
  • Cogito tartan tie
  • grey pants or walking shorts
  • burgundy Cogito crested vest, V‐neck sweater or cardigan
  • black or grey socks
  • plain black dress shoes (no embellishments, closed toe & heel: no sandals, crocs, or boots)


  • white short or long sleeved dress shirt (tucked in)
  • Cogito tartan tie
  • grey pants, grey skort, grey walking shorts, tartan kilt or tartan tunic
  • burgundy Cogito crested vest, V‐neck sweater or cardigan
  • black, grey or white socks/ black, white or grey tights
  • plain black shoes (no embellishments, closed toe & heel: no sandals, crocs, or boots)
  • hair accessories and jewelry must be understated and coordinate with the Cogito Colours


On other school days, students can choose any items listed above or the long or short sleeved golf shirt (burgundy or white), white turtleneck or the Cogito hoodie.


Parents’ choice of supplier would include purchasing long or short sleeve plain white dress shirt with plain collar, white turtleneck, black belt (if item has belt loops), hosiery, and black footwear.


Ordering Your Uniform

Our official school uniform supplier is RJ McCarthy School Uniforms.  Parents can place uniform orders online, over the phone or by fax with the supplier.  Orders are shipped directly to your home address.  Methods of payment accepted are Visa, MasterCard, debit and personal cheques.  Visit www.rjmccarthy.com or contact a Customer Service Representative at 1-800-668-8261 to place your order throughout the year.


Uniform Sizing

We have a complete set of formal and casual uniform pieces at the school.  The primary purpose of having the uniform closet at the school is for sizing confirmation.  There will be periodic uniform sizing nights throughout the school year when parents and students can confirm which size to order from the supplier.  A focus week is held in April when all parents and students are invited to be sized for the upcoming fall season. 

The uniform closet is maintained by the Uniform Sub-Committee chair, Phebe Eglauer.  Anyone who would like to be sized outside of the advertised sizing nights or focus week should contact her directly by email at cogitouniforms@gmail.com to set up a personal appointment at the school.


Used Uniform Swaps

Take advantage of the uniform swap events that occur throughout the year.  Uniform swaps allow parents to trade outgrown uniform pieces in exchange for other pieces.  Generally, a swap takes place during the Welcome Back BBQ at the end of August, as well as other scheduled times through the year.  Anyone with questions or comments about used uniform swaps can contact Cathy Carew by email at cathnbill@shaw.ca.